Lyxor shows a 5% AuM growth in 2014 supported by its solutions in Absolute Return, ETFs and Smart Be...

Lyxor Asset Management announces a 5% annual increase in AuM at the end of 2014, thus reaching EUR83.6bn of assets under management...

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Sucessfully riding the thematic reversal

The Lyxor Hedge Fund Index was up +1.7% in February. 10 out of 12 Lyxor Indices ended the month in positive territory, led by the Lyxor Special Situation Index (+5.3%), the Lyxor CTA Short Term Index ...

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M&A Frenzy in Health Care Fuels Event Driven

Hedge Funds have continued to deliver solid returns in 2015, with the Lyxor HFI up 1.3% last week and 3.4% year to date...

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Combining Active and Passive management in a portfolio

In recent years, long-held ideas on portfolio construction have been called into question. Investors can now choose from a range of “smart beta” strategies, offering exposure to market risk premia in ...

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Monthly European ETF Market Trends - Feb 2015

European ETF market flows for February 2015 came very close to last month’s three-year record high. Net New Assets (NNA) over the month totalled EUR 10.4 billion...

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Market Trends and Asset Allocation for 2015

Florence Barjou, Head of Multi-Asset Investments, delivers her investment convictions for 2015...

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Etf Liquidity: a Vital Measure of Efficiency

ETFs are investment funds that can be traded on stock exchanges like ordinary shares. ETFs’ liquidity depends on several factors, including the liquidity of the underlying securities and the structure...

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The New Landscape of Private Debt In Europe

The market of private debt offers new possibilities to diversify allocation to traditional bonds. Analysis of this new performance source by Thierry de Vergnes and Laurent Petit...

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Risk Factor Investing Explained

Risk factor investing is growing in popularity, but there’s a risk of getting lost in the factor “zoo”. This Expert Opinion explains the concept of risk factors and distinguishes between facts and com...

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CIO Views #3 : Smart Beta or Performance à la Carte

Nicolas Gaussel, CIO of Lyxor, explains how Smart Beta ensures healthy competition in active management. However the wide variety of strategies it encompasses, means that discernment is vital.

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3 March, 2015
« A useful route to passive investment? This roundtable brings together a panel of asset owners, consultants and managers to debate the issues around accessing ETFs... »
2 March, 2015
« Lyxor is making a bolder move to stand out from the smart beta pack... »
9 December, 2014
Lyxor sponsors the Bloomberg Markets LiveINSIGHTS web conference with Nicolas Gaussel...
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