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Quantitative strategies

With a will of internationalization, Lyxor Asset Management aims to distribute everywhere abroad its expertise in quantitative investment.

Quantitative management is based on financial analyses which optimize a portfolio based on risk and performance objectives. Collateral to the other models of investment, Lyxor decided to launch in 2006 a supply of quantitative management called 'Quantic funds.'

Absolute return and quantitative management

Absolute return funds come within the scope of sophisticated investment logic, toward products of volatility and a quantitative arbitration. With this in mind, a dedicated R&D team has developed several applied research programs for Lyxor Asset Management.

Risk-Driven allocation and quantitative models

Lyxor regularly publishes White Papers on its website and The Portfolio Management, on subjects such as risk-driven allocation, risk-return analysis of dynamic investment strategies... Those publications are written by the R&D team, asserting its world-renowned in quantitative finance.

Quantitative strategies