Job roles at Lyxor



> Client relationship manager

The Client Relationship Manager is in charge of maintaining and developing relations between Lyxor and its existing and prospective clients.

> Financial markets salesperson

The salesperson promotes, sells and provides advice on products in his business lines, working with his clients (broken down geographically or by type of client or by product type)



> Structurer

The structurer is in charge of designing and creating, or assembling financial products. He produces integrated solutions to address the needs that have been expressed to him.


> Portfolio manager

The Portfolio Manager manages investors money according to an investment process and in compliance with regulatory and contractual guidelines. His main objective is the performance of his products. He helps promote his investment process to clients. He enhances the investment process and portfolio management infrastructure.

> Assistant portfolio manager

The assistant portfolio manager, who is part of the management team, works closely with the Portfolio Managers, helping to ensure that the investment processes run smoothly, while taking on large operational responsibility. The assistant PM also help develop tools supporting investment decision-making; he improves his own job.


> Middle office manager

The Middle Office Manager is in charge of the team that updates Index, control fund valuations, manages fund subscription and redemption orders (liabilities desk) and monitors transactions on the assets sides of the fund assets, from post-trade to transaction settlement.

> Head of operations, local manager

The head of operations’ role is to assist in the development of the business line. He is responsible for processing operations and guaranteeing their operating security during processing. He must ensure that his team contributes to enhancing production in terms of efficiency in operating risk control, the quality of client service, and flexibility in its activity.


> Market risks analyst

Market risks analysts at banks help measure, monitor and control market risks taken on by operators. He approves, from a risk point of view, the investment decisions made by the front office by understanding the various trading strategies and communicating closely with management teams...

> Operating risks manager

The operating risk manager helps ensure overall management of operating risk. He ensures the validity of scenarios to assess the exposure of the monitored perimeter to operating risks and the implementation of those scenarios. He is in charge of monitoring risks on the basis of external data and maintains close links with the business line...

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