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Lyxor’s investment solutions for insurance companies encompass strategies that seek to improve the risk-adjusted return of their investment portfolio, taking into account their specific liability constraints under an Asset Liability Management (ALM) approach, as well as strategies designed to extract more value from insurance company regulatory capital. These solutions include:    

-        Fixed income diversification solutions:  Lyxor takes into account the particular requirements of insurance companies to give them access to alternative credit strategies, including senior LBO debt, that offer a significant yield pickup over sovereign bonds as well as a diversifying risk-return profile compared to high yield bonds.

-        Regulatory capital optimization solutions: Using proprietary hedging strategies, Lyxor works with insurance companies to enable them to maintain or increase their exposure to capital-expensive asset classes such as equities and alternatives. Lyxor systematically customize these strategies to best fit the specific insurance company’s objectives and requirements.  

-        Fund selection solutions: Thanks to its extensive fund selection expertise and infrastructure, Lyxor gives insurance companies access to best-in-class mutual and hedge funds.


 How can Insurers and Reinsurers make the best of Solvency II ?

By Cyrus Amaria and David Niddam

Since January 1, 2016, insurance and reinsurance companies in the European Union have had to comply with the requirements of Solvency II. The stress tests of this new directive imposes on their balance sheet (on both the assets and liabilities) to determine the Solvency Capital Requirements (SCR) – may clearly have a major impact on their investment strategies. Cyrus Amaria and David Niddam explain how Lyxor can help and assist insurers and reinsurers in making smart, cost-effective and absolute return investments in this new and somewhat complex regulatory environment.

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