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Lyxor’s investment solutions for pension funds provide them with efficient liability hedging strategies and surplus portfolio management solutions. These solutions include:    

-       LDI management solutions: Lyxor helps pension funds to devise and execute efficient liability-driven investment strategies. The dynamic investment techniques used by Lyxor takes into account the particular investment objectives of each pension fund in terms of funding ratio.  

-       Equity diversification solutions: Pension funds can work with Lyxor to refine their equity exposure using Lyxor’s risk premia strategies.

-       Alternative investments solutions: Leveraging its hedge fund (managed accounts) selection platform’s track record and long-standing experience in managing protected funds, Lyxor is able to offer investment solutions that range from setting up a dedicated managed account to implementing protection techniques to reducing and managing the Value At Risk component.

-       Fiduciary services solutions: Thanks to the breadth and quality of its investment services, Lyxor can act as a fiduciary manager for pension funds. 

 How Lyxor's Enhanced Architecture Program Can Boost European Pension Funds' Performance

By Amber Kizilbash

LEAP—Designed to Empower— Europe’s pension funds face significant challenges as a result of low interest rates, volatile markets and regulatory constraints. Lyxor’s Enhanced Architecture Program (LEAP) helps institutional investors address these challenges. The program offers its participants significant cost reduction, reporting, risk management, governance and return benefits. Amber Kizilbash, Global Head of Sales and Client Strategy at Lyxor Asset Management, explains how LEAP works and why operational effectiveness is such a hot topic.

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Click on the image to discover Amber Kizilbash’s - Head of Sales and Client Strategy at Lyxor AM - explanation on the LEAP programme.

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