Lyxor research highlights the growing role of Smart Beta in new investment strategies

14 Sep 2016


Lyxor Asset Management today unveils the results of a new wide-ranging study that compares the performance of European domiciled active funds with that of their benchmarks. The research highlights the growing importance of risk factors and other Smart Beta strategies in generating performance in the current challenging market conditions.

These findings demonstrate the increasing role played by Smart Beta strategies that are based on rules that do not rely on market capitalization, as an indispensable pillar of investor portfolio. Factor-investing is one of the various investment strategies referred to as Smart Beta. “In today’s markets characterized by very low interest rates, higher volatility and no market trend in risky asset markets, investors need to look at new forms of portfolio allocation in order to find diversification and generate performance,” Marlene Hassine, head of ETF research at Lyxor Asset Management; commented. “Smart Beta, which can be implemented, either with a more passive or a more active bias, is one of the new tools at the disposal of investors”, she added.

With USD$ 12bn in asset under management in Smart Beta strategies3, Lyxor has developed a comprehensive and innovative approach to Smart Beta, offering a wide range of investment solutions to match all types of investor needs – reducing risk, generating income or enhancing returns.

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