Marlène Hassine-Konqui

Marlène Hassine-Konqui

Head of Lyxor ETF Research

Lyxor Asset Management

Combining active & passive management in portfolios

27 Sep 2018

ETF & Indexing

Academic research has demonstrated the predominant role of asset allocation as a performance driver for portfolios.

Every quarter, Lyxor ETF research publishes a study on the performance of over 6,000 active funds to assist investors in their portfolio construction choices.


Six things to know about the H1 2018 study

1. Just 33% of all managers outperformed over H1

2. Over 50% of European equity managers outperformed, but US equity managers struggled

3. Value for money was hard to find among fixed income managers

4. Conditions are improving for alpha generators 

5. Europe in particular looks like fertile ground

6. Choose passive for single country or sector exposures

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