Key facts & Figures
$42,6 billion of assets under management

Robust proprietary risk budgeting models

Excellence in strategic allocation and research

Leverages on its engineering tradition to devise innovative investment solutions

*Figures as of April 30th 2018

**Incl.  $1.7bn of Assets under Advisory

***Incl.  $24.4bn of Assets under Advisory


Active Investment Strategies


Innovative active management

Against the backdrop of low interest rates and ever changing regulatory demands Lyxor advises its clients and supports them with innovative solutions tailored to their needs. Lyxor’s active management strategies are based on the unique combination of an investment process rooted in the excellence of our quantitative research, and our fund managers’ renowned tactical and strategic allocation skills. Responsiveness and risk control are the cornerstones of our investment process, enabling us to offer clients robust solutions combining the search for performance with careful risk management. Our expertise covers three areas – diversified equity and fixed income investment – with risk and liquidity profiles that can be adapted to each client using bespoke solutions.

Lyxor’s renowned active management expertise in the field of financial engineering allows us to meet investors’ specific needs with comprehensive solutions for asset/liability management, capital protection and guarantees incorporating prudential constraints, and dynamic hedging techniques.

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