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    A pioneer in the ETF market since 2001, Lyxor is one of Europe's largest ETF providers, offering investors more than 220 ways to explore the markets.
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    The Lyxorfunds website allows you to find out more about the Lyxor funds range, its documentation, market and product news.
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    MyLyxorMAP website is dedicated to the Lyxor Managed Account Platform (MAP). It offers access to a comprehensive range of managed accounts, providing transparency, liquidity and independent risk management. It may also include other funds managed by Lyxor.
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    Corporate information on Lyxor Asset Management Japan Co. Ltd. , its publicly offered domestic funds, and general information in Japanese about Lyxor.
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    Find out more about Lyxor International Asset Management Deutschland, created from the combination of Lyxor’s activities in Germany and the asset management activities division of Commerzbank’s EMC business.
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How we are staying protected against the coronavirus

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Coronavirus: Lyxor puts protections in place ahead of expected recovery.

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How we are staying protected against the coronavirus

Lyxor has been reassured by tough measures from China to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and by positive steps the country is taking to protect its own economy. However, the outbreak in China will have a significant short-term impact on markets and economic activity throughout the first quarter of 2020. Lyxor's diversified portfolios are protected against the dip thanks to cheap protections purchased at the start of the year and a downgrade in corporate credit.