• Research

    Market Neutral L/S weathers the storm

    The recent trade war escalation took a heavy toll on risk assets in May.

  • Research

    Adverse conditions unlock opportunities for special situations

    Markets have relapsed since early May due to the unexpected return of policy uncertainty in most areas.

  • Press releases

    Lyxor pursues its open innovation with the launch of a "Positive Finance" Datathon

    The Lyxor Datathon launches on 3, 4 and 5 April as part of our partnership with Liberté Living-Lab (1). The Datathon sets out to understand the links between the financial performance of assets and companies’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, in investment decisions. It will also pinpoint factors likely to tilt savings decisions towards sustainable finance.

  • Press articles

    Interview: François Millet, Milano Finanza

    François Millet, Lyxor Head of ETF Strategy, ESG & Innovation, commented for Milano Finanza on the impressive growth of ESG ETFs in Europe and on the impact of the regulatory evolution on indices.

  • Press releases

    Lyxor and Bridgewater strengthen their long-standing partnership and collaborate to launch an Alternative Fund

    Lyxor Asset Management Group (“Lyxor”) and Bridgewater Associates, LP (“Bridgewater”) announced today that they are collaborating to develop a new alternative fund.

  • Expert Opinions

    Equities and Trade wars: what now ?

    Equity markets remained on very solid footing throughout April. US equities even recouped their historical highs by the end of the month.