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    Lyxor Climate ETFs have raised over €1 Billion in assets

    Just a year after it was launched, Lyxor’s pioneering range of Climate ETFs has raised more than €1 billion in assets.

  • Research

    Mega Mergers to Keep Fueling Risk Arbitrage

    With risk assets back to record highs, markets are currently looking for the next catalyst that would push equities higher.

  • Expert Opinions

    Why would investors pay a "greenium" on green bonds?

    Green bond issuance grew to record levels in 2020 in spite of the pandemic, indicating robust investor appetite for investment vehicles that actively contribute to the fight against climate change. Lyxor’s Head of ETF Strategy, ESG and Innovation François Millet explores why some of these bonds exhibit a “greenium”, and whether investors are really willing to accept lower yields in order to make a difference.

  • Research

    Less Directional But More Relative Value Opportunities in China

    Economic data portray a sustainable growth in China, but it’s still unbalanced and plateauing. It remains driven by manufacturing and exports, but consumption lags, and impacts from ongoing authorities’ targeted deleveraging and reforms are starting to show.

  • Expert Opinions

    Inflation: Too much of a good thing?

    As economies recover from the pandemic, volatility in economic data is to be
    expected. Yet, in the US, the large miss in the labour market report and the huge overshoot in inflation data are noteworthy.

  • Expert Opinions

    Investors weigh tax implications of Biden’s $4 trillion recovery package

    The focus of financial markets will shift in the coming months from preoccupations about inflation, jobs and salaries, to the tax implications of the US Administration’s ambitious $4 trillion economic recovery package.