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    Lyxor Purses its Open Innovation Approach Launching a "Positive Finance" Datathon

    The Lyxor Datathon launches on 3, 4 and 5 April as part of our partnership with Liberté Living-Lab (1). The Datathon sets out to understand the links between the financial performance of assets and companies’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria, in investment decisions. It will also pinpoint factors likely to tilt savings decisions towards sustainable finance.

  • Research

    What Do European Elections Mean for Markets?

    In our latest edition of Investment Strategy, Lyxor Senior Cross-Asset Strategist Philippe Ferreira breaks down the possible effects of European elections, exploring how the fallout of political uncertainty could bear consequences on a number of levels.

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    Flows into Hedge Funds Turn Positive but Lack Conviction

    The latest round of business surveys helped to devise a clearer macro picture globally. According to composite PMI indices, the global economy bottomed out in January 2019 and has experienced a mild rebound since then.

  • Expert Opinions

    Lyxor Minute: Portfolio protection

    Take a look at our latest "Lyxor Minute" video featuring Florence Barjou, Head of Multi-Asset Investments.

  • Research

    Hedge Fund Performance in Q1 and the Way Forward

    In a context were both equity and bond markets rallied in Q1, hedge funds delivered returns close to +2.5% according to the Lyxor Global UCITS peer group. High beta strategies such as Special Situations, EM Global Macro and directional L/S Equity outperformed (+3.5 to +4%). Meanwhile, relative to others, low beta strategies such as L/S Equity Market Neutral and Merger Arbitrage underperformed (+0.5% to +1%).

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    PR Lyxor receivesTEEC certification for the Lyxor Green Bond

    Lyxor Asset Management has received the TEEC (energy and ecological transition for the climate) certification for the Lyxor Green Bond (DR) UCITS ETF.