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    Lyxor teams up with Alphien and Ecole Polytechnique's X-Finance to launch an Alphathon

    Lyxor joined forces with Alphien and X-Finance, the Polytechnique association dedicated to finance, in order to launch on 16th September an Alphathon, a competition open to international business school and university students aimed at creating dynamic ETF Lyxor portfolio models to outperform the Stoxx 600 index (dividends reinvested).  One of the competition’s most noticeable feature is the use of data science.

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    An eventful summer for European ETF flows

    Net new assets in the European ETF market collapsed in August, from the €15.2bn recorded in July down to -€8.5bn. Equity ETFs suffered their worst month ever, with -€12.7bn.

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    Hedge Funds could help you deal with the uncertainties

    Despite colossal headwinds from trade tensions, the Brexit deadlock and the manufacturing recession, asset prices have proved incredibly buoyant so far this year.

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    The outlook for Merger Arbitrage in H2 2019

    This week, we take a deeper look at the Merger Arbitrage strategy and its environment. While off from recent peaks, the flow of M&A stands at its 20 years average.

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    7 reasons to consider UK stock-pickers

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has started negotiating an alternate withdrawal agreement with Europe, with little success thus far, as expected.

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    Which alternative strategy amid the trade confusion?

    Renewed trade tensions sent markets into a tailspin at the end of last week.