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    A conversation between Lyxor and Bridgewater

    Florence Barjou, CIO of Lyxor Asset Management, and Greg Jensen, co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates, share their views on the outlook as well as on the opportunities and risks afforded by the unique environment we’re in, with most countries still struggling to rein in the global Covid-19 pandemic and revive growth.

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    Lyxor Funds Focus Q3 2020

    How did European equities and flexible bond managers perform in the still favorable environment for risky assets despite increased volatility that was Q3?

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    Why green bonds make sense for investors

    François Millet, Head of ETF Strategy, ESG and Innovation, and Philippe Baché, Head of Fixed Income ETFs at Lyxor, discuss the key features and drivers of the green bonds market and examine their diversification benefits in a fixed income portfolio.

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    Shifting the trillions to counter climate change

    Faced with mounting evidence of the damage caused by climate change, there’s a growing determination among investors to reallocate funds in a way that will help reverse the trend. That’s why Lyxor is fully mobilized to leverage its model in the fight against climate change. “We at Lyxor are convinced we can help by redirecting money towards more sustainable investments, and also by influencing corporates in the commitments they make,” says Lyxor CEO Lionel Paquin in this video, citing record inflows into ESG ETFs as evidence of this growing awareness. He explains why Lyxor can have a unique and differentiating contribution to the fight against climate change, thanks to our culture of innovation and as a responsible shareholder.

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    Waiting for inflation, waiting for Godot?

    Inflation is a critical investment theme considering the level of bond yields and the amount of accommodation central banks have injected into financial systems. Is massive fiscal and monetary stimulus likely to spark a comeback of inflation globally? While the jury is still out on the issue, Philippe Ferreira, Lyxor Senior Cross-Asset Strategist, argues in this video that inflation-linked assets are an attractive source of diversification in portfolios. 

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    How can new EU benchmarks help fight climate change

    Lyxor’s Head of ETF and Indexing Arnaud Llinas explains how EU benchmarks offer a powerful tool in the fight against climate change.