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  • Lyxor ETF

    A pioneer in the ETF market since 2001, Lyxor is one of Europe's largest ETF providers, offering investors more than 220 ways to explore the markets.
  • Lyxor FUNDS

    The Lyxorfunds website allows you to find out more about the Lyxor funds range, its documentation, market and product news.
  • MYLyxor MAP

    MyLyxorMAP website is dedicated to the Lyxor Managed Account Platform (MAP). It offers access to a comprehensive range of managed accounts, providing transparency, liquidity and independent risk management. It may also include other funds managed by Lyxor.
  • Amundi

    On December 31, 2021, Lyxor Asset Management became part of the Amundi Group, the leading European asset manager with more than €1.8 trillion of assets, creating Europe's leading ETF provider.


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In its 20 years’ history, Lyxor has established rich and fruitful relationships with its partners, enabling us to bring innovative and diversifying investment strategies to our clients. The relationship we have built over the years with Tiedemann, early on in Lyxor’s existence, is the epitome of such thriving cooperations. Drew Figdor, Portfolio Manager TIG LLC (Tiedemann Investor Group) explains how a shared vision with Lyxor has allowed their relationship to mature over time, allowing the teams to accommodate a growing investor base across geographies and market segments.

Read the interview of Drew Figdor, portfolio Manager, TIG Advisor, LLC.

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Drew Fidgor

Drew Figdor, Portfolio Manager TIG Advisors, LLC.