Lyxor Intermediation


In order to support its clients in a challenging market environment, Lyxor Group has chosen to build a specialized and dedicated negotiation desk by creating Lyxor Intermediation.


Lyxor Intermediation is a secure platform providing reception and transmission of orders and execution services on behalf of investment funds.


Lyxor Intermediation has an experienced team coming from sell-side and brokerage backgrounds. The team puts its know-how at the service of fund managers in order to better manage the multiplicity of strategies and asset classes.


Lyxor Intermediation's Order Management System (OMX) is the frame out of the orders lifecycle sent by fund managers. That continuous electronic chain from portfolio managers to back office ensures the limitation of operational risk through direct connection with the Execution Management System (EMS) as well as Portfolio Management System (PMS) tools. This integrated, flexible platform provides Lyxor fund managers with greater operational efficiency and the ability to track their order lifecycle in real time.


The Lyxor Intermediation platform enables fund managers to benefit from economies of scale. The pricing of the service is determined proportionally to the size, the underlying and the complexity of the order being processed. The pooling of essential investments makes it possible to optimize the quality of the placement of order and to reduce operational risk. In addition, the Lyxor Intermediation platform allows client funds to benefit from improved liquidity access through a global trading capacity with brokers and counterparties.


Lyxor Intermediation relies on an open and neutral model of broker and counterparty selection, allowing that agent to provide its clients with tailored services in full compliance with its best selection and best execution policy. That policy describes and details all the criteria used for the choice and assessment of liquidity providers for all asset classes and types of orders.


An independent compliance team monitors the implementation of this policy, as well as the policy dealing with potential conflicts of interest. The team also performs the expected audits on the quality of mandatory regulatory reporting.


Download the best selection and best execution policy for Lyxor Intermediation 

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