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    A Climate Policy at the core of our investment strategy

    With momentum building worldwide for greater action to address climate change, responsible investment strategy has its own role to play in striving for progress and change.

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    Funds Focus

    How did European equity and flexible bond funds perform in the first nine months of 2019 and what is the outlook for early 2020 in a market environment that remains complex?

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    Trend reversals briefly halted the CTA rise

    Despite the escalation of trade tensions during the third quarter, economic activity has remained quite resilient.

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    Can EU sustainably rally vs. US equities?

    Optimism gave equities, yields and cyclical commodities a boost this week, as investors positioned for a US-China trade preliminary deal. Meanwhile, the underperformance of EU vs US equities does look stretched.

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    How to invest in the new interest rates environment?

    How can investors navigate the current environment of ultra-low and even negative interest rates?

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    Vincent Denoiseux appointed as Head of ETF Research and Solutions

    Vincent Denoiseux has been appointed as Head of ETF Research and Solutions, effective from October 21st.